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Our Future!

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The Facility
The Facility

New Setting For Science Fiction

Do you love thinking about the possibilities of the future or what will happen humanity as we continue to progress? The Facility is an excellent start to looking into where we may go. The Facility gives a different perspective on what the future may bring and where advancements in robotics can take us. 

The Dawn of a New Era!

Hidden deep within an ancient forest, a massive, modern, steel-framed building lies beneath the tree line. The structure is stunning. It is lined with mirrored glass windows and polished steel trim, which glistens as the early morning sun shines down. With the exception of a young man shaping shrubs by hand, there seems to be no sign of life, yet everything is spotless as if maintained by a small army.  Suddenly, he stops trimming midcut and takes a few steps back. He drops his shears and runs toward the building in a frantic state...

The Facility

Plans for the Series

A paraquel is currently in the works and will be released in 2022